Double Glazed Windows for Orangeries

Coloured Double glazed windows – Choosing double glazing designs

Double Glazed Windows for OrangeriesNot so many years ago, the choices were very limited when it came to having double glazed windows in any other colour except white, unless you used an aluminium / uPVC combo window, which has the frame made from uPVC on the inside and metal on the outside. Read more on this guide.

The aluminium would be coated with the colour of your choice and they could be quite expensive.

With the demand for lower prices & more choice, upvc window manufactures introduced ‘foiling’ as a method of colouring & texturing the windows frames at the final stages of manufacture, which now gives the options for at least 10 or more colours from most PVC double glazing windows suppliers.

So this also enhances the range of choice when it comes to window designs for orangeries & conservatories.

In addition to having a single colour, you can also have simulated wood-grain which looks especially good when it is also used in combination with a composite conservatory door. For more information you can take a look at this website.